Idaho Salmon High Adventure Options

Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Inflatable Kayaking

Inflatable Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding on Idaho’s Salmon River – It’s just you, your craft, rapids at “face” (or feet) level, and guides leading the way giving you tips, encouragement, and a helping hand when needed. Navigating your own inflatable kayak or stand up paddle board is a unique and very exciting way to experience rivers and they add a whole new dimension and sense of adventure to a trip. You are free to explore in a small and maneuverable craft, to feel the rapids up close and personal, and ultimately to test your new river running skills.

While you do need to be in reasonable physical condition you do not need to have any previous rafting or kayaking experience. The inflatable kayaks have a quick learning curve and we start with a dry land session where you learn basic river hydrology, how to read rapids, and basic paddle skills. We then have some on-river practice and soon begin making our way down river. A guide is always close by to help you pick your lines, give you tips, and of course, if needed, to fish you out of the water. On the Salmon there are inflatable kayaking options and times for those looking for high adventure and for those just wanting to give it a try.  You can have one for the whole trip or just try one out for a few hours.

Stand up paddle boarding is a quickly growing sport, especially in lakes and oceans, and the river adds a whole new dynamic! They are basically very large surfboards, also known as S.U.P.s,  that you stand on with a long paddle for propulsion. These craft have a steeper learning curve and require good balance. However, those who have surfed before will pick it up quickly and even total beginners will be able to stand and maneuver in the gentler sections.

Our Idaho Salmon trips are usually a mix of rafters, inflatable kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, and those who try them all. When you reserve a trip simply give us your preference. We also do custom inflatable kayaking and SUP trips for groups.