Luxury Camping & Safari Style

Luxury River Rafting Trips - Wilderness and comfort combined (think ‘Glamping’)

Combine a relaxing wilderness vacation, a high adventure journey, or both with safari style luxury camping.  We are extremely proud of our comfortable camping in wilderness places and our guests are surprised by the quality of the food, the overall comfort, and the many intangibles that characterize our regular trips. However, our safari style trips take that to another level.

Show up to fully set up camps pitched in beautiful back-of-beyond wilderness with options for walk in tents with cots, family style dining under the stars, three course dinners, wine tasting – there are very few limits! No set up, no take down, just enjoy these wild areas with more time to explore and with some of the creature comforts of home.

Our Safari style trips are truly unique and are perfect for special occasions,  an amazing way to introduce ‘hesitant campers’ to outdoor adventure, and for those who are over ‘roughing it’ (not that anyone would call our standard trips roughing it).

The jumping off point for many our trips is Ashland Oregon – home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and a place where culture, nature, and adventure travel come together. Ashland is very well known for its food and wine culture and it attracts culinary travelers from around the world.  It also allows us to easy access to amazing local produce, products, and wines.

Here are just a few of the options:

– Custom and Deluxe Camping (Walk-in tents with cots, dining tables, showers)

– Wine Tasting

– Catered Meals / Private Chefs

Give us a call or drop us an email and we can create a private trip with your specific ideas in mind, help you figure out logistics, travel, or even just help you decide where to go. We have one of the most experienced guide staff’s in the country and there are very few needs and interests that we can’t figure out.  Once again, there are very few limits…


We offer two types of Safari Style trips. Our standard base camp trips where you stay at the same camp each night and our custom down river Safari Style trips where we float from camp to camp.



Custom Down River Safari Style Trip Options:

About half our trips are custom charters and we do 8 to 10 Down River Safari Style trips a year (so we can focus all our attention on each and every trip). Each afternoon you show up to a new fully set up camp and we bring extra guides for the gear and for more personalized service (a huge key for these trips). We can do a Custom Safari Style trip on almost any of our rivers, but the ones below are particularly well suited for this style of trip:

6 days | Mid June – Mid September | Class III / IV | Gateway: Boise, Idaho (BOI)

3 to 5 days | May – September | Class III / IV- | Gateway: Ashland / Medford Oregon (MFR)

3 to 5 days | May – September | Class III / IV | Gateway: Boise / McCall, ID


Our ‘Standard’ Safari Style Base Camp Trips

Nothing is actually standard about these trips. Our camps on rivers like the Kern and ‘Cal’ Salmon are unique and award-winning. We simply mean that every launch offers a more comfortable and unique camping experience (you can jump on one without charting an entire date if you like). You can charter and customize these as well with food and guide-to-guest ratio options similar to our custom down river safari style trips.

Recent Testimonials

  • "It far exceeded my expectations, I don't think I can ever take another river trip with another company. You made Zach's 40th celebration absolutely amazing... blew all expectations out of the water. Will definitely return again!" - Melanie
  • "We had an amazing trip down the Main Salmon River with Momentum. We had my Dad's 80th birthday on the river, grandkids, aunts, uncles.....ages 14 to 80 and everyone had a BLAST! The guides were friendly, knowledgeable and cooked great meals. Arriving to camp and having everything set up for you was a pleasure. I have been on many a river trip and they say you are pampered....nothing compared to Momentum! Bar and hors d'oeuvres ready for you as you get off the river, the sun sets and you relax while the guides cook 4-star worthy meals. Sam was a great leader and was able to keep the teens having fun every minute of the trip! Lane, Rick, Derek, Sammie (our kayak guide) Shana, Elsa... everyone was great! Planning another trip next summer with Momentum. (Safari-Style)" - Kelly
  • "You run the best business and hire the best people I have ever been with on the river. Runner up isn’t even close… Great entrepreneurship, customer service, and execution skills are rare, but you have them all going on inside the same shop. (Safari Style Trip)" - Sean
  • "The Most Polished Rafting Experience Ever – Momentum mixes outdoor adventuring with glamping to create a truly unforgettable experience. First and foremost they strive to provide a top notch eating experience in the middle of the woods, and they actually deliver on that promise. They also setup and take down camp, thus the ‘glamping’ vibes. And those accommodations are awesome. From there every activity is meticulously organized so that you get the most from each moment on and off the river. (Safari Style)"
  • "Shana and Trish were SO great together. Their team work was off the charts and gave all of us comfort in knowing that we had the best team of raft guides on the river. And Glen - well, he was also top notch. Customer Service at the highest level. We joked while laying in the hammocks that what they needed at camp was more hammocks, and 3 minutes later Glen comes walking up with another hammock and straps to hang it with. Can's say enough about this team!" - Rick
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