Private & Charter Trips

Build Your Own Trip - Group, Charter, Custom, and Private Rafting Trips

We specialize in putting together custom, charter, luxury camping, and private trips on our regularly run rivers, on rarely rafted rivers, and on combinations of rivers. Charter trips are a passion and something we have become well known for. Close to half of our trips are private or chartered and we have crafted custom itineraries and catered to unique needs and interests on all of our rivers and destinations.

You choose the river…

You choose your companions…

And we make it happen!

Each of our trips can serve as the ideal private family trip, adventurous wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party trip, private adventure party, club excursion, or corporate retreat. And few outfitters have our combination of extremely experienced guides, logistical knowledge, and the willingness to tailor itineraries to our guests.

Part of the reason we run so many trips like this is that we make it easy to plan and put a group together.  Depending on the river we offer trips with groups as small as 2 people to larger than 24. Trips can be fancy and custom or as simple as having a private trip on one of our standard (amazing!) itineraries. We also have a handy group organizer tool that makes it easy for group organizers to invite people and leaves all the payment collecting to us.

For a private launch on most itineraries, the price is set to the 10 person price for a group of 2 to 10 people. So you only need a group of 10 people to have everyone pay the trips normal group discount price, or you can go down to as few as 2 people at the set price. Custom itineraries and Safari style trip pricing depends on what you want, but there are very few limits!

Give us a call or drop us an email and we can create a private trip with your specific ideas in mind, help you figure out logistics, travel, or even just help you decide where to go. We have one of the most experienced guide staff’s in the country and there are very few needs and interests that we can’t figure out.

Examples of some of the groups that join us:

– Bachelor/Bachelorette Trips

– Weddings

– Family reunions

– Friendly reunions

– Class Outings and Reunions

– Private trips for groups as small as 2 people

– Small Businesses

– Corporate Groups

– Clubs

Below are a few of the more common charter trip styles:

Recent Testimonials

  • "This was one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life. It exceeded my expectations. I absolutely loved how your employees and guides take care of everything and how everything is just so perfectly planned. I love the attention to details. Our guide Mark was phenomenal. He was funny, informative, caring, fun, challenging, and an absolute blast. Although I didn't get to raft with Katy, every time I hung around with her, she was just amazing. I loved every part of this trip. I organized this trip as a guys trip to celebrate my 40th bday and it was absolutely what I was looking for. Thank you for existing. Thank you for your vision. And thank you for helping me have an unforgettable 40th celebration. Best river rafting company in the world! " - Tomas
  • "Flawless! – Couldn’t imagine a better run trip from A-Z. Loved the guides and the vibe surrounding the entire trip. If I’m ever looking to do another trip I will reach out to Momentum to go with them or even for advice on other companies if they don’t run that area…they are just great people."
  • "The guys are still buzzing about the trip, and I think I speak for everyone when I say it was the finest whitewater river that we’ve ever done" - John
  • "“Rafting Outfitter of the Year!” My rafting group (actually, a bunch of middle-aged city-slickers who pretend we are younger than we actually are) has been hitting America’s best whitewater for the past 20 years. To celebrate our 20th year, we rafted the Rogue Wild and Scenic River with Momentum. They were fabulous. (And since our motto is “liberty, fraternity, luxury,” we have high standards. We had rafted with Momentum before, so we had high expectations, but they exceeded even those. We opted for the three day guided Rogue trip with one night camping and one night at the rustic Paradise Lodge (which can only be reached by raft or boat). Everything was perfect. The guides were top-notch. The food was wonderful. (They even made pre-dinner cocktails!) Every detail was attended to. And the river, scenery, and stars were awesome. We most definitely would use Momentum again (and again, and again). Pete (the owner) runs a great outfit, and his staff are second to none. (We were guided by Cooper, Andy, and Mike, by the way. All three were fabulous.) If you are out west and looking for an amazing day or days surrounded by some of the country’s best scenery, give Momentum a call."
  • "I can’t say enough about how Pete and the team made this experience all about “our” experience, and about “our” adventure. The team couldn’t do enough for us, and did it with great modesty, seemingly vanishing in the background so that the river and our experience would be the main event, not them… I’ve been in the business world a long time, watching people try and fail to develop a service model anywhere close to what the guys pulled off in the wilderness. For me their kindness and caring made the adventure complete and gave me a satisfaction and long lasting impression that I’ll never forget!"
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