Custom Active & High Adventure

Private active, off the beaten path, & one of a kind itineraries

Class V, back of beyond remoteness, expedition style, small craft, multi-sport, challenging logistics – all trips for the adventurous spirit! These trips are our roots and we love them. Momentum started with the idea of running only rivers we loved and we began by offering mostly quirky, difficult, and off-the-beaten-path river trips. And we love creating custom high adventure itineraries for groups.

And, as with all our group trips, we make it easy to plan and put a custom high adventure trip together. Once we decide on an itinerary we hold the date for a week to 10 days for you and then send you a link and trip info and people can join your group online or by phone. This means you don’t have to deal with collecting money, we can split the invoices however people want, and it gives people a deadline. Then we see where we are at and decide if you want to hold the spaces a little longer and/or invite others.

Give us a call or drop us an email and we can create a private high adventure trip with your specific ideas in mind, help you figure out logistics, travel, or even just help you decide where to go. We have one of the most experienced guide staff’s in the country and there are very few needs and interests that we can’t figure out.


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