A Family & Friend Charter

Private Family and Friend Rafting Trips

Private rafting trips with family or friends on one of our standard itineraries are our most popular style of charter trips.  You just choose a river, find a date, and we help you get your group together.  We make it easy.

For families we have trips that have the amazing ability to satisfy three plus generations of family. The rapids, choice of craft and overall experience leave something for almost everyone; for the little ones, the adrenaline junkies, and for those wanting a more mellow relaxing time. And for groups of friends private trips allow us to make the little tweak’s that will make it perfect for the group.

And we make it easy to plan and put a group together. We have a group tool that really helps organizing. We hold the date for a week to 10 days for you (so it does not get reserved by others) and then send you a link and trip info and people can join your group online or by phone. This means you don’t have to deal with collecting money, we can split the invoices however people want, and it gives people a deadline. Then we see where we are at and decide if you want to hold the spaces a little longer and/or invite others.


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