Kern River Conservancy Benefit Trip

Join Kern River Conservancy Executive Director Gary Ananian and help support KRC and the health of the Kern River. The term ‘Grass Roots’ is thrown around a lot these days, often about movements and groups that are anything but grassroots or that are not actually effective. Kern River Conservancy is hyperlocal, extremely effective, award-winning, and a true example of a grass roots organization.

The trip will be our normal Kern River Rafting Safari 2-day itinerary and Gary will be along for those who are interested in learning more about what KRC does, the Kern River, and the area in general (it is an extremly colorful community). 50 percent of the trip cost will go directly to Kern River Conservancy. We are super excited for this trip!


2024 Date:
July 27-28th