New California Salmon Rafting Date!

With all the snow we have again extended our Cal Salmon season! We have a new weekend date on June 23 – 24th. Join us for one of the most amazing river trips in the country!
Here is what guest had to say after last weekend’s trip:

I just wanted to thank you and everyone on your team – Glen, Eric, Neil
– and anyone else I’ve forgotten, for such an awesome weekend. I can’t
remember the last time I had that much fun. You have quite an operation
going there – such a class act, and I felt like royalty all weekend!
……. I can’t wait until the next time! I was at ease right away
upon meeting you and the entire crew. Last Chance and Freight Train were
absolutely incredible and I’m having a hard time focusing on work today
because I can’t stop thinking about the trip!
Thank you so much.