Join us for the Last Season on the Upper Klamath

2023 will be the last summer on the Hells Corner stretch of the Upper Klamath

2023 will be the last summer season to run the ‘Hells Corner’ stretch of Upper Klamath. And while our Upper Klamath camp will live on in other places in the future, the current trip will not be offered after 2023.

After 20+ years of negotiations, four dams on the Klamath river will be removed in 2024. The dams provide the peaking flows that are needed to raft the Upper Klamath in the summer. Without the peaking flows and with the water removed for irrigation the river will be too low for Hells Corner trips in the summer.

The project is historic, the biggest dam removal project in human history. And it is a huge win for the environment, for fisheries, for the river, and for the tribes that have relied on it for thousands of years. It is a major step towards a healthier Klamath river ecosystem. The next step will a better allocation of water and increased flows.

We believe in environmental stewardship through advocacy by experience – that getting people out into wild places and public lands creates advocates that will love and want to protect those places. With it’s high desert beauty, relentless but approachable whitewater, and strong summer flows the Upper K has been an amazing and unique way to get people outside and hooked on our rivers. We will miss it for sure.

But we are so excited for our last summer season, excited to celebrate a huge environmental win and a more free-flowing river, and excited to show guests new stretches of the restored river and the environmental benefits of dam removal in 2025.

So for those who have wanted to experience the UK’s big summer whitewater and our unique bush camp or for those who want to run it one more time, this is the season!


Below is more info on the Upper Klamath trips we offer, Including the Upper Klamath Rafting Safari – It is unique, award-winning, a guide and guest favorite, and one of the trips we are the most proud of creating.