Alaska – Getting there and away

Travel to the Tatshenshini and Juneau Alaska

The Tatshenshini-Alsek trip begins in Haines Alaska and ends in Yakutat Alaska. Juneau, the Alaskan capital,  is the gateway city and most people purchase a round trip flight in and out of Juneau and then add the short hops to Haines and back from Yukutat. Juneau is also a great place to spend an extra day after the trip.


Getting there:

Most guests fly to Juneau Alaska and then take the short Alaska Seaplane shuttle flight to Haines. Alaska Seaplanes is in the main Juneau air terminal and they will shuttle you from the Haines airport to the Halsingland Hotel.  It makes the journey pretty simple. You want to arrive in Haines by 3:30pm on Day 1. This allows for time to check in and for any weather delays. A welcome dinner and night 1 at the Halsingland is included in trip.


Getting back:

We charter a small plane for the short flight from the end of the Alsek at the Dry Bay Outpost to Yakutat Alaska (this is a spectacular flight). It will arrive in plenty of time to catch the late afternoon Alaska Airlines flight back to Juneau. Most people book this flight and either catch a late flight from Juneau back home or, more likely, spend a night or two in Juneau after the trip.


Haines and Juneau Alaska:

Haines is a small little fjord and mountain town and it is worth spending an extra day there before the trip to explore if you have the time. Juneau is a port city and the bustling capital of Alaska. It is also very much a mountain town and is a great place to spend an extra night or two after your trip.


Please note: The trip covers a huge and remote area so please call or email if you have any travel questions. We will also send you very detailed travel options with your confirmation packet.