Arizona – Getting there and away

The Salt flows out of the White Mountains east of Phoenix Arizona. The raftable wilderness portion starts to the north and east of Globe AZ and ends just east of Phoenix as it flows into Roosevelt Lake (reservoir). Most of our guests meet us in Phoenix, it is a beautiful place to visit in early spring and is easy to fly in and out of. We pick you up and drop you off near the airport and take care of all the logistics of getting to and back from the river. 

A Rare Free-Flowing Desert River

Salt River Rafting - Sunset over camp

One of the biggest reasons a wilderness trip on the Salt is so unique is that free-flowing sections of desert rivers are almost extinct.  Deserts are spectacular landscapes and they can be beautiful places to live and call home. However, in places where water is scarce, free flowing rivers immediately become endangered species as populations in the areas grow. And the lower Salt and its mother river the Gila are no exception – wilderness trips on the Salt end at the beginning of a series of dams and diversions that swallow both rivers. But, for more than 50 spectacular miles, the upper Salt river canyon is the rare combo of boatable flows, solitude, spectacular whitewater, and sonoran desert beauty.

Standard Trip Option:

For most people the easiest thing to do is let us handle the transportation details and begin and end your trip in Phoenix. We will pick you up in Phoenix in the morning of Day 1 and return you there in the afternoon of the last day. Phoenix is a huge metropolitan area. While the traffic is not as bad as in many cities the area is sprawling so in your trip planner we have chosen an area that is near the airport, downtown, has a range of hotel options for different budgets, and is relatively easy to head east to the river.

We recommend this option for most people.

Driving Option :

If you are on a road trip you may want to consider meeting us at the Salt river put in where highway 60 crosses the river. There are a number of shuttle companies that can shuttle your vehicle to the end of the trip at Roosevelt Reservoir. Shuttle cost including gas is generally $200 to $300 per vehicle.  We can help you set up your vehicle shuttle (The driving option does not include your vehicle shuttle cost).


Give us a call if you have any questions about transportation. We will send you very detailed travel options with your confirmation pac