Itinerary & Mileage

Wilderness Lodge to Lodge Hiking tours along Oregon’s Rogue River Trail


Day 1:
The trip starts near Grants Pass, Oregon at the Galice Resort, located along the banks of the Rogue River. Here we will help you pack your dry bags and get any last minute “must haves” at the resort. We then head to the river, meet the crew, and do an orientation talk. After our overnight gear is loaded into a raft you will head down the trail into the heart of the Rogue River Canyon. For four days you will follow the Rogue as it cuts through the remote and wild Siskiyou Mountain Range. Around noon on each day we will meet up at a beautiful riverside beach or bench for lunch and a chance to relax. And then at each afternoon we will arrive at one of three remote wilderness Lodges. Appetizers and dinner will be served under the stars or on the deck followed by an evening in one of the most famous wilderness river corridors in the world.

Day one will be 10 miles to Black Bar Lodge. It will include views of the Famous Rainey Falls and Whiskey Creek Cabin.

Day 2:
Day two will be 14 miles to Marial Lodge (it is common for hikers to ride the raft part of the day). It will include views of Battle Bar and Zane Grey’s Cabin.

Day 3:
Day Three is a short but spectacular day. You will hike 5 miles to Paradise Lodge through the iconic Mule Creek Canyon section with views of Blossom Bar rapid. Paradise is an amazing place to relax or you can join a guide for a side hike up to the canyon rim.

Day 4:
Day 4 is 11 miles and includes Huggins Canyon and some of the best opportunities to see Black Bear. We reach the end of our river trip in the early afternoon and load up in our van to make the drive back over beautiful Bear Camp road to Galice Resort.