Custom & Charter Fishing Trips

Build Your Own Trip - Group, Charter, Custom, & Private Rogue River Fishing Trips

We specialize in putting together custom fishing trips on the Rogue. We also cater to unique needs and interests. Give us a call and we can create a custom or charter rip for a group as small as 6 people. We also have fixed prices for private trips with fewer than 8 guests.


Ideas and options include: 
– Shorter or longer versions of our scheduled trips.
– Special dietary requests
– Special events

You might be amazed at what can happen on a river trip! So, give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will create a trip for you.


Pricing & Group Sizes:

  • There is a fixed cost for custom groups with 2 to 8 people. Custom trips can go as large as 12 people (cost increases per person from 9 – 12 people).
  • Pricing includes our normal amenities and can include many add-ons and focuses.
  • Custom itinerary trip pricing depends on what you want, but there are very few limits!


Private / Custom Trip Scheduling and Planning:

We understand that putting a group together can be difficult sometimes – like herding cats! However, this is what we do and we have lots of ways to make it easier on the group planner, from separate invoices, to holding spaces while you get the group together. We can help make the planning process as easy as possible, and once you get to the river you are done – we take it all from there. Give us a call or email and we’ll get things started– it’s easy

You choose the dates…

You choose your companions…

You choose your style….

And we make it happen.