Rogue High Adventure Kayaking

A high adventure journey down one of the countries great wilderness rivers


3 days


Late May, Mid June


Class IV+ - For those looking for an adventure focused trip, and a unique river experience.


Inflatable kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, hiking


Medford, OR (MFR)


Merlin, OR

Join us this spring on a journey down one of the country’s great wilderness rivers on high adventure kayak-focused trips.  The Rogue in spring is a perfect river for Inflatable Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It’s just you, your own personal craft, rapids at “face” level, and guides leading the way giving you tips, encouragement, and a helping hand when needed.

The Rogue River begins in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness and Crater Lake National Park. It flows south west through the Cascades and then briefly touches civilization near the town of Grants Pass. We begin our trip just downstream right before the river plunges into the rugged and remote Siskiyou Mountains. A trip down the Rogue has been compared to being in a “Planet Earth” movie. There are narrow canyons of polished rock, cool grotto’s draped in ferns, heavily forested hillsides, big sandy beaches, some of the best swimming holes anywhere, cascading waterfalls, and hikes up tumbling side streams. It is common to see bald eagles, osprey, otter, and black bear.

Navigating your own inflatable kayak is a unique and very exciting way to experience rivers and they add a whole new dimension and sense of adventure to a trip. You are free to explore in a small and maneuverable craft, to feel the rapids up close and personal, and ultimately to test your new river running skills. The whitewater on the Rogue is perfect for these trips – it is fun and exciting, yet safe when the inevitable swim happens. These trips will feature extra guides in kayaks to help you choose routes and give you tips and directions. We will also bring along stand up paddle boards to try and a few hard shell kayaks to try at camp.  These will be true adventure focused trips.

While you do need to be in reasonable physical condition to kayak every day you do not need to have any previous rafting or kayaking experience. And there will always be the option to spend time in a raft if you decide you need a break, or even if you decide that kayaking is not for you. The inflatable kayaks have a quick learning curve and we start with a dry land session where you learn basic river hydrology, how to read rapids, and basic paddle skills. We then have some on-river practice and soon begin making our way down river. A guide is always close by to help you pick your lines, give you tips, and of course, if needed, to fish you out of the water.

Join us for a high adventure style trip on one of the world’s great wilderness rivers!

Note: If you cant join us in the spring you can always jump on one of our standard summer Rogue Rafting trips and request a Kayak for the entire trip >>



• Small trips, unparalleled personal service, and a greater experience.
• A small company committed to amazing trips & our wild places.
• Safety: All our guides have a minimum 5 years of experience leading trips around the world.
• Excellent meals featuring local and organic produce & products.
• All inclusive - all camping gear included if needed (ultra-comfortable 3" sleeping pads).
• Most importantly - we are friendly, we love what we do, and it shows!

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Recent Testimonials

  • "My wife and I recently had the pleasure of taking a 4 day inflatable kayak camping trip on the Rogue River with your company. The trip was everything we hoped for. The whitewater was challenging for novices but totally fun and never felt dangerous. The weather and scenery were exceptional. The food was, as advertised, fresh and delicious. However, the success of the trip was assured by our guides, Anthony and Mara, who worked tirelessly and maintained great attitudes, encouraging us and looking after our safety and enjoyment. Who knew that two such accomplished guides could also be great cooks, naturalists, and wonderful companions. Thanks to the entire Momentum staff for a perfect vacation experience. We look forward to another river trip with you in the future."
  • "My family did an inflatable kayak trip with Momentum on the Rogue River. We all had a blast. The Rogue is a spectacular river, and offers some very exciting whitewater. We've done some other adventure trips, and all have had friendly and helpful guides. What set Momentum apart was the competence of all three guides - They all had plenty of experience in much tougher whitewater. This inspired confidence in the whole group, as well as making everyone safer. They could also cook! All the meals were delicious, with great service to boot. We're thoroughly spoiled for the next camping trip. One piece of advice - As Momentum states in their info, most kayakers will swim a rapid at least once during the trip. If this bothers you, pick one of their trips with rafting options."
  • "Thank you, Jane! Ron is totally hooked now! Of course I already was. Unbelievable great trip and such a pleasure spending time with you. We are on our way to Klamath wilderness canoe trail to try out our kayaks. When we get Ron's schedule we will work on setting up that Upper Klamath! Meanwhile, we are going to "keep on paddling!"" - Pamela
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