Idaho Salmon DeRiemer Kayaking Trip

Expert down river kayaking guiding & instruction on the 'River of No Return'

Join the nationally recognized kayaking instructors at DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking and Momentum River Expeditions for guided hard shell kayaking and instruction on the Idaho’s Salmon River. The Main Salmon is the Grand Canyon of Idaho, is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the United States and cuts through a vast area of incredibly rugged Rocky Mountain wilderness – the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48. The canyon it creates is the second deepest on the continent and it has a timelessness and mountain grandeur that is matched by few rivers anywhere. It is one of the last big mountain rivers remaining in the world that is undammed and for 85 miles it is virtually untouched by modern civilization.


Prior whitewater kayaking experience is needed for these trips. Guests paddling a hardshell kayak must have a reliable river roll and be competent paddlers at the Class 3 level. As with all our trips, we have raft support available for non-kayakers and welcome non-kayaking friends and family.

If you have never paddled with the DeRiemer’s or if you have questions about your skills, please contact Phil and Mary to confirm that a trip is appropriate for your skill level (

If this trip isn’t a good fit for you, they will be able to point you in the right direction so you can continue your kayaking instruction and join us in the future.

Known as the “River of No Return” by early explorers, the Salmon is a big mountain river. It has big water with spring flows rivaling that of Colorado’s Grand Canyon and fun, big water style rapids; a big, incredibly beautiful, river corridor set in a massive wilderness with peaks rising over a mile above the river; huge sandy beaches shaded by towering pine and fir trees; big side creeks full of trout (creeks that would be called rivers in many parts of the world); a long history full of big personalities, characters, and stories; and a ton of wildlife including Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, and Bald Eagle.

The Salmon is a natural flowing river. The volume depends on the winter snowpack. We have picked a date where flows are generally around 10,000 cfs at the takeout, however they can be anywhere between 25,000 and 5000.  Most of the whitewater is big water style class III to IV pool drop rapids with a few more continuous sections on the first few days.

The options for each day can turn the trips into a multi-sport adventure for those interested. Besides kayaking and rafting there are mellow and epic hiking options and world-class trout fishing on the side creeks.

While kayakers are working on their skills and enjoying the river Momentum will provide raft support (including raft support for non-kayaker friends), camp support, meals, etc. Like all our trips, our guided DeReimer kayaking trips will feature unparalleled personal service and a handcrafted quality and attention to detail and will be led by some of the finest guides anywhere.

For more information on the trip or too find out about needed kayaking skills visit the DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking Main Salmon River page.  You can book online with us or give us a call or an email.

People have said the Salmon feels wild, untouched, and rugged but at the same time comfortable, forgiving, and almost luxurious – a journey that combines a perfect beach vacation with the solitude, beauty, vast wilderness, and excitement of a mountain whitewater river expedition.