Custom & Charter Trips

Build Your Own Trip – Private and group trips on California's Clear Creek

Build Your Own Clear Creek Kayaking Trip. We specialize in putting together custom, charter, and private trips – it is one of our passions. Less whitewater, more whitewater, longer – we can create a trip that gets almost any group into one of the most spectacular river canyons in the country.

The area is a playground of whitewater and we have made custom itineraries that are longer or shorter. And our comfortable riverside ‘pop-up’ base camp with-in tents with cots make the trip great even for those active people who are worried about camping.

Part of the reason we run so many trips like this is that we make it easy to plan and put a group together.  Trips can be fancy and custom or as simple as having a private trip on our standard (amazing!) itinerary. We also have a handy group organizer tool that makes it easy for group organizers to invite people and leaves all the payment collecting to us.

We can create a private trip with groups as small as 10 people. We also have fixed prices for private trips with fewer than 10 guests. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will work with you to create the perfect trip. We have one of the most experienced guide staff’s in the country and there are very few needs and interests that we can’t figure out.

Pricing & Group Sizes:

  • There is a fixed cost for private trips for 1 to 10 people (it is based on the cost for 10 people). And private groups can be as large as 18
  • Pricing includes our normal amenities and can include many add-ons and focuses.
  • Custom itinerary trip pricing depends on what you want and most people are surprised by what we can figure out.

Private / Custom Trip Scheduling and Planning:

We have a lot of flexibility on launch dates and stretches of river with the Clear Creek. But the season is relatively short – from May to Mid June. The launch must be free of other reservations to make it a private or custom trip so advanced planning is recommended. But many times we can fit groups in more last minute if it is not on a weekend.

We understand that putting a group together can be difficult sometimes – like herding cats! However, this is what we do and we have lots of ways to make it easier on the group planner, from separate invoices, to holding spaces while you get the group together.  We can help make the planning process as easy as possible, and once you get to the river you are done – we take it all from there. Give us a call or email and we’ll get things started– it’s easy!


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