Futaleufú Menu Of Activities

You can mix and match activities to suit what you love to do most! We have a prescribed itinerary that we follow to give the flow of events a sensible structure. However, we will alter or amend activities to your taste. We are very flexible and want you to maximize your enjoyment during your stay with us.
We want to stress that you do not need to be a Class V paddler to fully appreciate the Futaleufu River Valley. There are always lots of options.

Rafting: We offer Class III, IV and V sections of whitewater. (Class III is easy, Class V the most challenging.)

Kayaking: You can take introductory, intermediate and advanced classes (Class II-V) in hard-shell kayaks with some of the best instructors in the world.

Kayaking in an Inflatable Individual Kayak: Spend a day floating down and negotiating the Rio Azul (Class III).

Fishing: Fish for rainbow and brown trout from shore or from a drift-boat on the river. Take a half-day trip on Lago Espolón, fishing for lake trout.

Hiking / Trail Running: The valley is a hiker’s paradise! We’ll take you on hikes to waterfalls, through old-growth forests, and up steep slopes to snow-covered peaks (short and long options).

Horseback Riding: We offer riding lessons, two-hour rides, full-day rides and a special five-day journey into the heart of Patagonia. Learn to ride like a Chilean huaso (cowboy).

Spa Time: Soak in the riverside hot tub, take a sauna and receive a massage from our professional masseuse. Hot showers are a welcome treat when “roughing it”!

Mountain Bike Riding: You can ride from our rafting take-out point back to camp. If you are an avid biker, you can do a half-day mini “eco challenge” ride. Choose from a variety of single tracks.

Cultural Visits: We will introduce you to local families, who will receive you with open arms and welcoming hearts. If you would like to learn about the Patagonian estancia lifestyle, spend part of the day with the Diocares family. You’ll be sure to brush up on your Spanish!

Reading and Relaxing: Read or nap in a hammock, sit by the river, or play games in the library or at the sunset bar on the deck overlooking the river.

Yoga: Daily classes in the morning.

Wine Tasting: Chile and Argentina has some of the finest wines on the planet, and we will sample a wide selection presented by our charming wine connoisseur.

Cooking: We prepare splendid feasts! If your pleasure is culinary, then enjoy cooking with our Chilean chefs and our international guides.

Dancing: Our sunset bar and deck becomes a popular place to dance and practice salsa moves. Receive a salsa lesson from Paulina or Diego, our local experts.