To All Who Joined us in 2018 – Thank You!

Your personalities, interests, amazing life stories, and kind words are shaping Momentum

Every year around this time we sit down and go through all the photos and testimonials from the season. As we sort through the emails and the photos it never fails to give us goosebumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us me of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season.

Once again, we truly want to thank you all!

Below are a few of the testimonials from the 2018 season.

Kind Regards,
Pete and the Staff of Momentum River Expeditions


As an old river guide, I am very critical of any trip that I take. This was one of the BEST that I have taken. Not only was the river exciting, but our guide, Andy, was one of the best that I have encountered in my rafting experiences. The food was well presented, fresh and extremely tasty. I give this trip a ‘double thumbs up’. I will do this trip again. I urge you to take it for an awesome experience. ”

“The Owyhee River in SE Oregon is in a remote area. That said, you are rafting in an area of beautiful mini Grand Canyon formations on day 3 and 4 of a 5 day/4 nite trip. Food and staff are the best I have experienced on 12 other adventure rafting trips… Momentum has my vote…9 out of a 10. Never mind….lets go 10!!”

“First and foremost, the trip FAR EXCEEDED our expectations!!!  I’ve lived in Oregon for 20 years and have heard about the Rogue but had no idea that such a large expanse of protected river was even there!  What a gem, just beyond beautiful and relaxing!  We could have turned around and done the entire trip again. Our guides were, Mark Crawford, Elisa, Lorenzo.  Everyone of these guides deserves a standing ovation for VERY hard work, attention to detail/safety and above all guest comfort.  We were so spoiled by all three that we were actually starting to feel guilty.  They waited on us hand and foot!  The food was amazing, abundant and way beyond normal camp food (how do you do all that on a river?)…I just can’t thank you enough for creating Momentum and a company culture that far exceeds “going the extra mile.”

This trip exceeded my expectations many times over and there is not a single thing I would change about it. While going on a “glamping” river rafting trip certainly isn’t inexpensive, it was worth every penny. The experiences gained and memories our families made together on this trip were simply priceless. Safe to say there were 15 very happy customers! I feel very fortunate that I had an opportunity to go on this trip. It was an experience of a life time!”

“Momentum puts together a top notch experience. Our family has traveled the world together and we didn’t want this trip down the Salmon river to end. We are still talking about it around the dinner table. Booking another for 2020 only because 2019 was already booked.”

“Kudos to you for finding the best ever river guides! I was so impressed with each of them and very grateful for them sharing their love of the River with us.  I left feeling like I gained a much deeper connection with the wonder and beauty of nature…Your guides bring an openness of themselves to those around them and that is rare in this rushed and hurried world.  I wish them all well.  They have truly given me and my family a beautiful  gift by spending the past long weekend with us.  “

“I wanted to let you know directly that we had an amazing trip and were extremely happy with our experience. A big part of that was because of your team. Mark and Jonathan were excellent guides and we felt extremely safe with them. They also happen to be exceptional individuals and it was an absolute pleasure spending time with them… We felt like we were spending time with good friends. We were all sad for the trip to end! I could go on and on with superlatives about your team and the experiences we had. We are hooked and certainly would book a trip again with you all in the future.”

“Exceptional guides in a beautiful place – camped at a beautiful and remote spot on the California Salmon River. Our guides had comfortable tents and great home cooked meals for us each day. The guide in our boat had 20 plus years experience guiding around the world and took us down awesome Class 5 rapids with skill and care. She gave us as much excitement as possible while keeping us safe. I could not recommend this outfit more highly.

“Not having wifi or cell phone reception for four days (including the drive in and out) was mentally cleansing, although nerve racking at first. Makes you realize how we are hand-cuffed to these devices in our daily lives (…as I type this Yelp review on my iPhone). Just watching our children filled with sheer unadulterated joy as they jumped into the river or got extremely excited seeing an otter or deer was, alone, worth the trip. Wonderful to see the kids having the time of their lives without a TV or an iPad in front of their faces.”

“Our guides, Mark, Lorenzo, Diego, and Eric made this experience possible…. We basically entrusted the safety of our children’s lives to these guys. Looking back on it, I cannot think of anyone else I would trust more under those circumstances. These guys were consummate professionals, who were focused 24-7 and had a mastery over their craft. Third, food never tasted better than after breathing in all that fresh air and taking in the natural energy exuding from the mountains, trees, and river. Our guides prepared the best meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal was a 10 out of 10, hands down. One of the desserts was maybe the best dessert I’ve ever had in my life (i.e. the “Banana Foster”).”

The Most Polished Rafting Experience Ever – Momentum mixes outdoor adventuring with glamping to create a truly unforgettable experience. First and foremost they strive to provide a top notch eating experience in the middle of the woods, and they actually deliver on that promise. They also setup and take down camp, thus the ‘glamping’ vibes. And those accommodations are awesome. From there every activity is meticulously organized so that you get the most from each moment on and off the river. “

“Had a blast with our group of 8 ladies! The guides were very organized and knew their stuff!! (Lynn, Vickram, Mike and Sam) I’ve never kayaked on the river before and tried the “ducky” their inflatable kayak. Sooooo much fun!! The scenery was remote and beautiful and the food…omg…the food!! Blown away with the quality and originality. I was expecting typical camping food – hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. The spread these guys made everyday was incredible for camping food! Coconut curry with grilled chicken, quinoa with toasted almonds, fresh fruits and veggies, bananas foster with freshly whipped cream!! It was amazing! Go – you won’t be disappointed!.”

This trip was the best outdoor experience ever. Rafting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, River KAYAKING… it was a perfect three days with great people (my group AND the people we met on the trip) and the best guides you could ever ask for. Highly recommend!!!”

“I wanted to say that our trip was amazing. My kids were in awe of our guides – but especially Rick. They pushed themselves and met people and slept under the stars and had the time of their life. We had the oldest and youngest on the trip 10 – 74 and everyone had a blast. Thank you for making a great company and hiring the best guides! You have something really special going. I have been recommending it all day long on my first day back in civilization. “

“We went on a 4 day trip on the Rogue. The river was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. We have been on several multi-day rafting trips in the past and were very impressed with the quality of these guides. They weren’t just college students guiding in the summer – they were extremely knowledgeable river guides with a great deal of experience guiding on rivers around the world from Patagonia to Africa. They made us all – even the beginning rafter/non-campers in our group feel very comfortable on every bit of the river and especially in the rapids. Additionally, they were absolutely delightful people to spend time with… Diego, Shana, Mark, and Vikram are kind, interesting, fun and all around just lovely and amazing! Great trip!”

“What the heck are you doing reading this review? Book a trip already! Seriously! We have been on MANY rafting trips, and Momentum River Expeditions went above and beyond our expectations and previous experiences! Our guides Rob, Derik & Jeff absolutely CRUSHED IT!!
We brought our nephew along, who is 14, but not entirely comfortable with big adventure. The guides took him under their wing, helping him to try new things, and get a little bit out of his comfort zone, but with absolute safety and without pressure! He was pumped rafting rapids in an inflatable kayak by himself day 3. He had an extraordinary time and left the trip feeling happier and more easy-going than I’ve seen him in years!
We booked the 4 Day Rogue River Camping expedition. The scenery was stunning, amazing birds and wildlife, and a precious scenic River to raft on! Our camping sites were totally EPIC. Waterfall stops and miniature day hikes were a welcome change of pace as we rafted down river. Every day we stopped for lunch at some incredibly beautiful location and the guides prepared an awesome array of lunch food! You will never go hungry on this trip!
It’s hard to explain the JOY I felt every afternoon when we showed up to camp and it was completely set up! HELLO! They set up your tent for you! We relaxed, played in the river, played music together, wandered through the woods and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then… guides would get appetizers and wine ready… I feel like I should repeat that 32 times. I could just sit back and relax! Fantastic wine and appetizers led to dinner also expertly prepared and served beautifully. And, I feel like it’s important to point out that I never felt weird that the guys were preparing our camp and food and generally doing everything for us. They were absolutely kind and refused our help in the most caring and polite of ways. They were here for us and it was clear.
And emphasis on local and organic food is what originally swayed me to go with momentum. As well as their small group expeditions. Many other rafting businesses that I looked up had upwards of 24 guests on every trip! We would not have enjoyed that. Momentum has small trips with no more than 12 guests, an emphasis on serving local & organic food, expert guides, solid gear and they will provide you with everything you need!”