The Lower Owyhee Kayak Expedition – with wilderness dapper evening wear…

The next 10 people to sign for one of our Lower Owyhee 6-day Kayak Expeditions get their own pair of fleece-hoody-footy-drop-seat pajamas (with duckies on them).


Have you been thinking about an adventure? The Owyhee maybe? Something challenging, out there, a true back-of-beyond adventure (but a comfortable one)? Now could be the time…  Can you think of anything better than fleece-hoody-footy-drop-seat pajamas (with duckies on them) mixed with a high adventure kayak trip down the Grand Canyon of Oregon?


Join us for six days of high adventure paddling and exploring the “Grand Canyon” of Oregon at a time and in a way that few have ever enjoyed it. Our Lower Owyhee Inflatable Kayaking Expedition immerses you in one of the most remote, wild, and beautiful areas of the United States. During April and May the river is one of the most beautiful and remote rafting trips in the country. We are very excited to offer trips in June when the weather is consistently beautiful, the water is warm, we are generally the only people on the river, and there is world class small mouth bass fishing. This is a true high adventure off the beaten path trip.

If you are one of the next 10 people to sign up you will arrive to the river knowing that your own pair of fleece-hoody-footy-drop-seat pajamas (with duckies on them) will be packed safely away in one of the guides boats – probably next to (but not touching) Anthony’s famous bunny costume pj’s.  That evening as the temperature starts to get cooler we will break them out and you will not only be comfortable, but ‘wilderness camp’ dapper.

While you do need to be in good physical condition (you will be paddling your own boat) you do not need to have any previous rafting, kayaking, or camping experience. This is an expedition style trip and the gear and supplies are packed in our kayaks. However it is emphatically not roughing it or a backpacking style trip. We have spent hours working with chef’s to create lightweight meals that, like our rafting trips, are still three courses, delicious (grilled halibut, steak, etc.), and feature local and organic produce and products. And we have worked with our guides and gear suppliers to design camp items that are lightweight enough for trips like these but still make camping way more comfortable than people would expect. It’s a lightweight, high adventure trip that should not scare away those who are not used to spending nights out under the stars. Like our rafting trips you just need to bring your cloths, a toothbrush, and a big sense of adventure.

AND, if you are one of the next 10 people to sign up you will own pair of fleece-hoody-footy-drop-seat pajamas (with duckies on them). AND they will also have a Momentum ‘Owyhee IK Expedition 2015’ patch on them….

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(fleece-hoody-footy-drop-seat pajamas (with duckies on them))

– Warm and breathable, soft polar fleece
– Durable, and machine washable
– Hooded
– Footed
– Pocketed
– Drop Seated
– Wilderness Dapper

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