The Rogue Lodge Trip

 “BEST rafting company! – Friends organized an all women’s rafting trip – with mothers, aunts, sisters – all ages. We weren’t sure what to expect but Momentum completely delivered. We opted for the lodge rafting trip – 2.5 days on the water, 2 nights at beautiful river-side cabins/lodges. Not only was the river absolutely beautiful, but the lodges were amazing – comfortable but rustic – but the guides were phenomenal. They were professional – made us feel safe – but were fun and so incredibly organized. By far the best company on the river. The food was unbelievable – one day at lunch we arrived to the lunch spot to find out table set out at the base of a waterfall – with an array of beautiful fruit, cheeses, and desserts laid out. It was a bit surreal… Momentum is first class – they know how to do this right. They allow you to have fun and yet they certainly acknowledge the power of the river and are very safety focused. I would highly recommend them. And I can’t wait to raft with them in Chile!!! We rafted with Eric, Arden and Alan – all amazing :}”