Rogue River Adventure Kayaking Trips

Rogue River Adventure Focused Kayaking Trips


Join us this Spring on a journey down one of the countries great wilderness rivers on high adventure kayak focused trips.  The Rogue in Spring is a perfect river for Inflatable Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It’s just you, your own personal craft, rapids at “face” level, and guides leading the way giving you tips, encouragement, and a helping hand when needed.

The Rogue River begins in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness and Crater Lake National Park. It flows south west through the Cascades and then briefly touches civilization near the town of Grants Pass. We begin our trip just downstream right before the river plunges into the rugged and remote Siskiyou Mountains.  A trip down the Rogue has been compared to being in a “Planet Earth” movie. There are narrow canyons of polished rock, cool grotto’s draped in ferns, heavily forested hillsides, big sandy beaches, some of the best swimming holes anywhere, cascading waterfalls, and hikes up tumbling side streams. It is common to see bald eagles, osprey, otter, and black bear.

Navigating your own inflatable kayak is a unique and very exciting way to experience rivers and they add a whole new dimension and sense of adventure to a trip. You are free to explore in a small and maneuverable craft, to feel the rapids up close and personal, and ultimately to test your new river running skills. The whitewater on the Rogue is perfect for these trips – it is fun and exciting, yet safe when the inevitable swim happens. These trips will feature extra guides in kayaks to help you choose routes and give you tips and directions. We will also bring along stand up paddle boards to try and a few hard shell kayaks to try at camp.  These will be true adventure focused trips.

While you do need to be in reasonable physical condition to kayak every day you do not need to have any previous rafting or kayaking experience.  And there will always be the option to spend time in a raft if you decide you need a break, or even if you decide that Kayaking is not for you.  The inflatable kayaks have a quick learning curve and we start with a dry land session where you learn basic river hydrology, how to read rapids, and basic paddle skills. We then have some on river practice and soon begin making our way down river. A guide is always close by to help you pick your lines, give you tips, and of course, if needed, to fish you out of the water.

Join us for an adventure style trip on one of the world’s great Wilderness Rivers!


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Who is it For:
For those looking for an adventure focused trip, and a unique river experience.
(However, there will also be options for everyone)
What is Included:
–  All river equipment including Inflatable kayaks for all interested and Stand Up Paddle Boards and Hard Shell Kayaks to try.
–   All camping gear (including ultra-comfortable 3″ sleeping pads) if needed.
–  Gourmet 3 course meals featuring local and organic produce & products. Find out more >>
–  Return transportation back to Galice, Oregon
–  World-Class guides with a minimum 8 year’s experience leading trips around the globe –  including kayaking guides.  Find out more >>
– A trip down one of the world’s premier wilderness rivers.


Day 1:
Our trip starts near Grants Pass, Oregon at the Galice Resort, located along the banks of the Rogue River. Here we will help you pack your dry bags and get any last minute “must haves” at the resort. We then head to the river, meet the crew, and do a thorough orientation talk. After loading our gear and ourselves into the kayaks we push off and head into the Rogue River Canyon.  For three days we will float the Rogue as it cuts through the remote and wild Siskiyou Mountain Range. The canyon is home to abundant wildlife including bear, river otter, dear, bald eagles, and osprey.

The first day includes Rainy Falls, a hike to the historic Whiskey Creek minor’s cabin, and Windy Creek Canyon. The side streams of the Rogue are almost unmatched in there frequency, beauty, and pristine state – we will take time every day to visit at least one. Each night we will camp along the river on sandy beaches or grassy flats.  The first afternoon we will have a “camp talk” and go over everything you need to know about our comfortable wilderness camping.  In the evening we will enjoy our first dinner and a night under the stars.

Day 2:
After a hearty breakfast and plenty of time for a second cup of coffee we will break camp and head down river. Day 2 includes Kelsey Creek Canyon, Horseshoe bend, and the narrow and spectacular Mule Creek Canyon.  Mule Creek Canyon is one of the most unique canyons in the world, and for many it the highlight of the trip. For a short part of the canyon you can float in only a life jacket through its calm swirling waters – there are very few sensations like it.  The infamous and feared Blossom Bar rapid follows.  Blossom Bar was dynamited in the early 1900’s to allow boats passage. It is still an impressive rapid and we will walk the kayaks around a small section of it.  

Day 3:
Morning comes once again with coffee, tea and the sound of birds in the canyon. Our third day includes yet another scenic inner gorge, beautiful side canyons and swimming holes, some great jumping rocks, and a bald eagle rookery. We will also have some of the best opportunities to see Black Bear. We reach the end of our river trip in the early afternoon. You then either load up in our van to make the drive back over beautiful Bear Camp road to Galice Resort or make the short half hour trip to the Oregon coast to continue your vacation.