Beth Nolan – Office Manager

Beth is from Cincinnati Ohio (she calls it Cinci-tucky and Porkolopis) and about 10 years ago she rolled up on one of our friends porches with a thick mid-west accent and corn husks in her hair. Beth has a degree from Ohio University in Health Service Administration and worked as a health care administrator for 8 years in the valley. Two years ago, she left the corporate world behind and made getting people outside her full-time job.

She recently became a certified yoga instructor and likes to show off her human pretzel skills. Beth is also one of those annoying people who can show up to an athletic endeavor looking completely clueless and lost and make it look like she has been doing it all her life (and saying something like ‘ew, I had to get out of breath for that!’). She is affectionately known as ‘the Avatar’ by her friends because of her height, leaping abilities, and wide set eyes.

Beth brings the same sense of caring and empathy that made her initially choose health care to the office of Momentum. When she’s not booking trips and helping guests, Beth can be found on her yoga mat, on her surf board, or wandering into random tests of physical prowess.