To everyone who joined us this year – Thank You!

About this time every year I sit down and go through all the photos, ‘thank you’s’, and testimonials from the season. As I sort through the emails and the photos it never fails to give me goose bumps, it never fails to make me happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind me of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season. For every time you all have learned something from us on the river we have learned something from you – from you lives, experiences, and opinions.

I truly want to thank you all.

Below are a few of the testimonials from the 2012 season.

Kind Regards,
Pete and the Staff of Momentum River Expeditions


First…. From a family who did not get to join us this year:
“Well the Goldsteins of Israel and the Jahnke family of Pittsburgh, once again got together for our annual summer vacation.  This summer it was a trip to the theme parks in Orlando, FL. At dinner after our second day at the parks, one of the kids said, “Today was really fun, but it was nothing like rafting with Pete, Mike, and Anthony.  Who else had a better time on the river than in the park?”
One by one, all six kids raised their hands.
And all four adults.
Well, it’s decided.  Nothing. Absolutely nothing can beat a Momentum Rafting Trip!
We’re hoping our schedules will work out next summer….”


“Holy Moly – Re: the Cal Salmon trip – the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my 30 years and my mom has done in her 66. Intense, wonderful, well-organized, incredible — I still don’t have the words to really describe it. All I can say is that I feel insanely lucky I was able to experience this with some of the greatest people. Orea is the best. Eric, Mike, Faye and Simon are just as fantastic. Do this people. Seriously. Just go.

“Flawless! – Couldn’t imagine a better run trip from A-Z.  Loved the guides and the vibe surrounding the entire trip.
  If I’m ever looking to do another trip I will reach out to Momentum to go with them or even for advice on other companies if they don’t run that area…they are just great people.”

“… Your company makes it so easy for the “outdoor adventure challenged” to enjoy this spectacular wilderness area and always feel safe and comfortable.  I started out with reasonably high expectations, but the experience far surpassed my wildest dream!  I would recommend your adventures to anyone who has an interest in experiencing this wonderful wilderness in style and comfort.”

“We’ve been savoring our time ever since.  You were a great team; a wonderful lead—calm while watchful—and our Girls grew by paddles, rows and splashes.  Keep caring, cooking and laughing the wonderful way you all do…”

“…Arden– why did the cucumber go out with the raisin??  He couldn’t get a date

I just wanted to let you know that we had a FANTASTIC time on the Klamath with Eric and Zac! They were WONDERFUL, CONSIDERATE and SO KNOWLEDGEABLE—-true professionals! It was such a memorable experience… that will last forever!

“the ‘thank you’ needs to come from us: not only for the wonderful days on the river, but also for the ensuing memories, which are going to last for the rest of our lives. Re-living those days brings sunshine and a smile immediately. So happy to have been a part of this grand adventure with such amazingly unique people from around the globe, discovering your Rogue River together… And thank you for all the little details in taking care of us. The gourmet food/cooking was outstanding, there was absolutely nothing left out in the planning and execution of this trip of a lifetime. If it were possible at all, I would sign on for a repeat!

“Salmon River, Idaho – I’ve rafted and kayaked rivers throughout the West. Our 6 days with Momentum on the Main Stem of Idaho’s Salmon River was a good as it gets. The guides were experienced, hardworking, and attentive. Momentum’s policy of hiring only guides with at least 8 years’ experience is unusual, and it clearly is working for them. The equipment was good, and the food was excellent. I strongly recommend them.”

“…Our group really enjoyed our trip and as the clients know, the guides make up a large part of that enjoyment.  You have some very special guides there as I’m sure you know but it never hurts to hear it again. Our hat is off to their attitude, their professionalism and their ability to create a good time for the clients while being very aware of their safety issues.”

“We had such a fantastic time.  I am ready to sign up for another trip right now!!   I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful you were – especially with getting my kiddos involved in the adventure and encouraging them to stretch their wilderness muscles.    It was a dream of mine to take a trip like this, and it exceeded my expectations.”


“Momentum Guides & Trips are Amazing – We did a 4 day trip down the Rogue River. The entire adventure was flawless and amazing. The guides are fun smart and provide Ritz Carlton like service in the wilderness– obviously the bathroom situation is a bit tough on us city folk 🙂 You spend each day rafting, kayaking and/or swimming down a very scenic river only to arrive at at a charming campsite. The execution from start to finish is well orchestrated and eases all burdens for the people who have wilderness-deficit.”


 “The Best – Our family has been on two rafting trips with Momentum, the Klamath and the Rogue, and they were really first rate. The guides are very experienced and great company, the food is excellent, and they make sure you have a wonderful ride without compromising safety in any way. They go the extra mile on everything e.g. providing gluten free food for one of our party, sending out a guide early in the morning to get the best camping sites, playing games with the kids in the evenings and so on. An extra notch above any other rafting company we have been with.  Highly recommended.”


“Lower Rogue Lodge Trip July 2012 – AHHHMAZING! – I have been rafting quite a few times before, but this was my first multi-day trip, and my first trip solo. Momentum made it wonderful! The guides were super friendly and lots of fun. The lodges were so quaint and rustic, yet somehow still river grade luxurious! That shower and glass of wine after a long day on the river was perfect. The food was spectacular, turns out our guides were gourmet chefs in disguise. We saw a ton of wildlife and even got some yoga in on the deck before breakfast. This is definitely a trip worth taking, and the outfitter is serious about taking care of their guests in a good way. I just might have to make this an annual trip.”


 “BEST rafting company! – Friends organized an all women’s rafting trip – with mothers, aunts, sisters – all ages. We weren’t sure what to expect but Momentum completely delivered. We opted for the lodge rafting trip – 2.5 days on the water, 2 nights at beautiful river-side cabins/lodges. Not only was the river absolutely beautiful, but the lodges were amazing – comfortable but rustic – but the guides were phenomenal. They were professional – made us feel safe – but were fun and so incredibly organized. By far the best company on the river. The food was unbelievable – one day at lunch we arrived to the lunch spot to find out table set out at the base of a waterfall – with an array of beautiful fruit, cheeses, and desserts laid out. It was a bit surreal… Momentum is first class – they know how to do this right. They allow you to have fun and yet they certainly acknowledge the power of the river and are very safety focused. I would highly recommend them. And I can’t wait to raft with them in Chile!!! We rafted with Eric, Arden and Alan – all amazing :}”

“Just a wonderful company – Anthony, you rock! – Third trip to do the Cal-Salmon and Scott River. Felt like coming home to old friends.  Anthony, as always, you make the rest of us geeks feel like we could navigate any river with you. Your commitment to our safety, plus your commitment to this area, the environment, and the people here, especially the natives, along with the rest of your awesome crew, Mike, Orea, and Faye (thank goodness for driving those roads LOL), always make this a special time.”


 “Lower owyhee – This was our first rafting trip and indeed, our first camping trip in decades. Everything about this trip exceeded our expectations. Arden, Simon, Orea & Belle were absolutely great guides who made sure our experience was equal to the incredible beauty of our surroundings. The food was great and the comraderie on the river and in camp was exceptional. We are already planning our next trips with Momentum.


“Anthony,  Thank you so much.  We had a fantastic time, it was the highlight of our extended weekend in Ashland. I kept comparing the experience with previous trips down the Grand Canyon; our trip on friday was just as good if not better except that it was over so soon. I really appreciate your effort to make it such a great experience.  “


“…we just finished our trip with your crew yesterday. I had to write to personally thank you for providing one of the best vacations I have ever had 🙂 Arden, Zack, Paige and Anthony could not have been a better fit for our group and they made the trip that much more enjoyable and memorable. They were all infectious with their passion and happiness with being on the river and were so informative with history and stories along the way. I surprised even myself by how sad I was to leave yesterday, a very atypical mood for this “glass half full” kind of gal 🙂 I told my dad today that we need to go back!”


“Can’t tell you guys again, what a great time we had! We will definitely sign up for another river trip again….maybe another river.  Every one of you, Anthony, Arden and Orea, were great in very individual ways! Thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and gentle nature with our girls 🙂 Anthony, for enduring a boatful of girls, sharing your vast knowledge about the experience, enduring lots of questions, and for supporting and encouraging both Emma and Audrey in their first ik experience, Arden for your enthusiasm for the kids, your obvious love of what you do, and tending to Audrey in her time of need….and Orea, for your gentle willingness to have Audrey help you in the kitchen….you made her days!!! Thank you all for your time and patience, and enthusiasm.”