Chad Woodward : Guide

Chad has been guiding for over 15 years. His various interests have taken him throughout the country in pursuit of both pleasure and education. Originally from Vermont, his interest in politics led to a political science degree, which it turns out wasn’t a real job magnet. With an interest in alternative energy developing, Chad moved to Colorado to learn more but eventually got a law degree in Oregon.

His passion for whitewater began in Colorado and this passion created a gateway for new friends and allowed for adventures and guiding opportunities throughout the country on some of the nation’s best runs. Besides working for Momentum he also has worked for various environmental nonprofits.

Chad is another one of our original guides (our ‘8 year’ tagline is owed to his 8 years of experience when we started) and because of his ability to talk about literally anything (his wife would say ‘literally nothing’) he is one of our most requested.