John – Illinois River

“Amazing  – Pete, If I had to pick one word to describe our trip down the Illinois River last week (with Mike and Mara), the subject line of this email would be it. I knew going in that it was likely to be a good trip, and that we would have fun. I didn’t realize that it would be one of (if not THE) best trip/vacation/experience we’ve ever had. Mike and Mara were nothing short of phenomenal…  Ann actually cried as they drove off after dropping us off. We miss them. (Feel free to share this with them, even if it will inflate Mike’s ego 😉 ) On a scale of 1-10 we’re rating this a perfect 10. We’ve never done that before. Thanks again for an amazing run down the gorgeous Illinois – it was one experience I know I won’t forget. Oh – and Tell Mike and Mara we miss them! “