Ann – Klamath and Rogue Rivers

“Dear Pete, Robyn, Jason and Chad, I can only echo Nancy’s comments. Many, many thanks for such a tremendous trip. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and we bring back wonderful memories. The commitment and heart that you brought was fabulous – and shined in every aspect of the trip. You always went the extra mile and anticipated what we would need or want to do long before we knew ourselves. Congratulations on building an organization that brings such joy, fun and laughter to its clients, while executing with the highest professionalism and standards. It is quite an achievement.

  • The Climate Run Along the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

    Every season, Momentum partners with a hand-selected group of inspiring organizations to offer unique and custom trip opportunities in beautiful wilderness areas.  With trips ranging from high-adventure whitewater expeditions to gourmet culinary experiences, and from family-friendly riverside vacations to yoga along the river, there is something for everyone. This season... learn more

  • Spring 2021 – Small Group Charters

    Unplugged, out there, active, and comfortable. Want to get away with a small group?  There are few places in the world that offer more river options than spring does on the Oregon/California border region – it is our favorite time of year…  

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