Troon Vineyard



We are proud to feature Troon Vineyard’s impressive, quality fine wines on our Momentum trips; they are a perfect match for the elegant, comfortable atmosphere that we strive to provide for all our guests.  After an exhilarating day on the river, you can relax in our cozy camp with a glass of wine from Troon, such as the classic Old Vine Meritage.

We dig their local flare – some proceeds from Troon’s incomes are funneled directly back into local community organizations, such as Fire District 9 in the Applegate Valley, and the Art Along The Rogue Foundation.  Every year, owner Chris Martin joins us on the Wild And Scenic Rogue River for 4 days to celebrate the support of local farming practices, and to personally serve us his quality vintages.  Troon Vineyard’s website: