Oregon Natural Desert Association

Oregon Natural Desert Association: http://onda.org/

We are duly grateful for their extraordinary continued research and conservation efforts each year!

We love getting updates from ONDA about what is happening over in the stunning, remote wilderness of Central and Eastern Oregon (home of the unmatched Owyhee River).  Their research efforts provide scientific data that aid in the enforcement of environmental laws which safeguard Oregon’s deserts.  They study grazing, climate change, geology, water quality and more – you can even purchase an amazing calendar with photographs like the one you see here!

It’s easy to almost forget about these isolated, extreme environments like the Owyhee River watershed, but once you have been there you will never forget this amazing wilderness.  ONDA will also take you out in the desert as a volunteer, and just like Momentum; will show you a whole new way of experiencing this mesmerizing desert environment!