Carbon Neutral Rafting

We believe there are countless benefits to visiting our incredible wild areas – that’s why we are here! However the global warming gasses emitted when we travel help to threaten the very areas we are traveling to. So what can we do? Well, we are proud that our rafting trips have inherently low carbon emissions (carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas), but we wanted to make our trips completely carbon neutral.

What We Have Done:

With help from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation we calculated the carbon released on our trips from transportation and propane use and the carbon released from the electricity consumed in our office. We will then offset these emissions by purchasing renewable energy credits called Green Tags. So, your trip will be completely Carbon Neutral from the time we pick you up to the moment we drop you off.

How You Can Help:

We offset your trip from when we pick you up to when we drop you off. If you would like you can offset the rest of your travel. It is easy and surprisingly affordable! Just click here to go to the Carbon Calculator.

How Does Carbon Offsetting Help? Does it Really Work?

Renewable energy credits and offsets work by subsidizing the addition of clean renewable energy to the power grid which then displaces electricity from fossil fuels that otherwise would have been used. CO2 offsets are a way to accommodate the fact that for now, there are practical limits to how much each of us can reduce our own energy use. To make up for the CO2 emissions we can’t avoid, we can instead help someone or something else reduce other CO2 emissions. Basically, offsetting involves helping someone to do something that they wouldn’t otherwise have done, that results in less CO2 emissions than would have happened had you not helped them to do it. In the end it is a great short-term way to help us transform to a low or no-carbon economy in which CO2 offsets are no longer needed.