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the Illinois River – lower canyons in early spring. The cover photo of our 2010 brochure.

Spring is here!


Kind of…

We continue to get late snow with what looks to be the last real round today and tomorrow.  In between the winter weather we have been very lucky with perfect weather on our spring trips – our weekend trip on the Scott had blue sky and temps in the 70’s!

We usually talk mostly about our summer trips in the spring newsletter. However, the late snow means that we are looking at one of the best spring seasons we have ever had.  The snow pack on our spring rivers is WAY above average so if you have not already taken advantage of one of our spring trips give us a call.  There will be plenty of water on some of the best rivers in the country. We have mid May Lower Owyhee trips that still have space, late May and early June class 5 California Salmon trips with a little space (including a new rapid), and we have two Illinois trips with a few spots left (it was written up in Outside Magazine this year!).

Summer is coming up fast and like last year there are some really good flight deals. Below there is info on our summer trips and flight deals. Remember – our trips are fully outfitted so no need to check bags and pay extra!  Our Rogue Wilderness trips are getting very full – we have listed trip dates with the space remaining at the end. There is also info on our late summer trip to British Columbia (one of the longest stretches of whitewater anywhere – we are excited!).

We will be adding a ton more trip videos this year – view them on our YouTube Channel or on our Facebook Page (become a fan and see video and pictures as they arrive). Check out our little video from a rare early season trip on the Upper Klamath: http://www.youtube.com/user/MomentumRafting#p/a/u/0/RhrWRxL3968

Definitely the best big water summer whitewater in the west!

Enjoy our new newsletter style – bigger photos – and hopefully we will get a chance to see you all this spring or summer!

Kind Regards,

Pete and the staff of
Momentum River Expeditions

“What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt – it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.”
Hal Boyle

Summer Trips

mule creek canyon on the Rogue

Rogue River 3 to 4-Day Wilderness Trips One of the world’s great summer wilderness trips with rapids and craft choices that make it almost unmatched in its ability to satisfy a wide range of tastes and skill levels. We offer 3-day lodge trips where nights are spent in comfortable and rustic wilderness lodges and 4-day camp trips where nights are spent under the stars. We also offer custom 3 to 5-day trips for groups and charter trips.

This is a great trip to combine with a good flight deal and a trip to Crater Lake or the Coast and the redwoods. We can help with a ton of planning advice and recommendations!

The Rogue an extremely regulated river and many of our dates are full. At the bottom of this email is a list of trip dates and space left.

Call or email if you are interested and find out more and book trips online at our Rogue River Page.

Ahhhh… the Upper K….

Summer on the Upper Klamath When Momentum first started the Upper Klamath and the Cal Salmon were the rivers that first drew us to this area. We quickly learned that we were only scratching the surface, but they continue to be “gateway” trips for many of our other rivers. For many the Upper Klamath is a yearly pilgrimage (along with a Shakespeare play) and it is definitely the most exciting summer class-IV day trip in the West – it is just really really fun! Join us and see why this run’s fame and popularity grows every year. We have day trips on almost every day except Wednesday’s or you can check out a weekend 2-day trip.

You can also take advantage of Allegiant Air’s Friday/Monday schedule – a weekend in Ashland plus the Upper K!

There is more Upper Klamath info at the Upper Klamath Rafting Page, And check out the video form last weeks trip: http://www.youtube.com/user/MomentumRafting#p/a/u/0/RhrWRxL3968.

British Columbia’s Chilko River

The Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers – a 7 Day Journey into the Wilderness of British Columbia!
Join us on August 29th for a 7-day journey down the Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers – a trip unmatched in its scenic diversity and huge stretches of class IV whitewater. Big John, Farwell, and Lava Canyons; the continent’s longest stretch of commercially navigable whitewater; bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, wolves, and birds of all types; all set in the legendary wilderness of British Columbia.

I am so excited for this trip – if you have any questions please give me a call or an email!

Read more about it here.

the Lower Gorges of the Owyhee

Late Spring Lower Owyhee 6-day Inflatable Kayaking Expedition Six days immersed in one of the most remote, wild, and beautiful areas of the United States. Six days of paddling, hiking, and exploring the “Grand Canyon of Oregon” at a time and in a way that few have ever enjoyed it! One of the most unique trips offered anywhere. Join us this June!

There is more Lower Owyhee Kayaking info at the Lower Owyhee Inflatable Kayaking Page.

Spring Trips

As we said in the beginning this is going to be an amazing spring! If you are into last minute planning we still have some space on our Lower Owyhee trips – the Grand Canyon of Oregon, our California Salmon trips – combined with the Scott for one of the ultimate class V adventures in the country, and our Illinois trips – considered by some to be the best wilderness trip in the country. It is not every year we get water like this!

Flight Deals

Like last year there are a ton of deals into Medford (MFR) if you book ahead of time. Try Orbitz.com, or if you are less selective about dates and you are flying from Los Angeles, Vegas, or Mesa Arizona check out the ridiculous Allegiant Air prices (as low as $15 one way!!!). In a quick search I found tickets from New York for $350!

Other News

We have started a little blog about Ashland (our home) and the surrounding area. Guides, staff, and friends will be adding to it regularly. Check it out here: http://ashlandoregonraftingandtravel.com/ – and shoot us an email if you want to add to it!

Become a Fan of our Facebook Page – we have a new video camera and it is becoming a fixture on our rivers – lots of new video soon!

Rogue Rafting Dates

Fri 5/21/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Hike/Raft Trip – 4 days
Thu 5/27/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days
Wed 6/9/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Hike/Raft Trip – 4 days
Wed 6/16/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Local Food and Wine Lodge Trip – 3 days
Wed 6/23/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 4 days
Thu 6/24/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Wed 6/30/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Thu 7/1/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 4 days – LIMITED SPACE
Wed 7/7/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days
Wed 7/14/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 4 days – FULL
Thu 7/15/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Wed 7/21/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 4 days
Thu 7/22/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Wed 7/28/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days
Fri 7/30/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 4 days – FULL
Wed 8/4/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Trip – 3 days – FULL
Thu 8/5/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Wed 8/11/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Wine Tasting Trip – 3 days – LIMITED SPACE
Thu 8/19/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Custom Camp/Lodge Trip – 3 days – FULL
Tue 8/24/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Camp Wine Tasting Trip – 4 days
Wed 9/1/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Trip – 3 days
Sun 9/5/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Lodge Photography Trip – 3 days
Fri 9/10/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Fall Special Lodge Trip – 3 days
Thu 9/16/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Fall Special Lodge Trip – 3 days
Sat 9/25/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Fall Special Lodge Trip – 3 days
Fri 10/1/2010 – Rogue Wilderness Fall Special Lodge Trip – 3 days

“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”
Winnie the Pooh


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