Spring training!

Like any good team, we also have a version of spring training.  Though it doesn’t usually involve 80 degree temp’s in sunny Arizona, it is always helpful and proves to be a great time.  The crew here at Momentum spent last weekend braving the cold of the spring on the Scott river.  Getting out on the water to "paddle the rust out", we had our hand at running the river, learning the new and delicious Momentum meals and going over our river safety skills.  It was educational, entertaining and most of all allowed us all to come together again after a long winter to share stories and excitement for the upcoming season.

There are a couple of new faces in the mix and many familiar as well.  We are all very excited about the upcoming spring trips and can’t wait to get out there and play with everyone on the water.  Snow packs are holding strong and look to provide for a long, wet, exciting spring!  So pack your dry bag, grab a lifejacket and lets go rafting!