Update on Gold Ray Dam Removal!

Steps toward removing the Rogue River’s second largest dam are well under way.  With the removal of the Gold Ray Dam, the Rogue River would flow freely for nearly 157 miles to the ocean! Recent articles focus on sediment testing behind the dam to determine the toxicity of reservoir sediments. Local geologists took core samples and tested them for contaminents.  Click on the links below for more. A recent public meeting discussed the pro’s and con’s of removing the 100 year old dam.  Public comments are being taken until August 28th that will be included in a report for the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.  Let your voice be heard! And let’s see our Rogue River flow freely once again! Send comments to Pat Foley at Rogue Valley Council of Governments 155 North First St. Central Point, OR 97502 or by email to pfoley@rvcog.org.