Amazing flight deals for our Oregon or Northern California Rafting Trips!

A combination of airlines running below capacity, lower fuel costs, and new routes into our own Medford Oregon airport have made flying an unbelievable option right now. Airlines such as Allegiant Air have fairs below $200 into Medford from many cities and almost any search on Orbitz came up with great deals – flights to Medford from the east coast under $350 – especially if you are planning ahead.

Below are some trip options and itinerary ideas. We are also working with local hotels and as we get more information and package ideas we will update this. Please call us if you have any questions or need some advice!

Spring Ideas:

The California Salmon Long Weekend – Fly into Medford on a Thursday evening, spend the night in Ashland, have a late breakfast and then either rent a car or get a shuttle with us down to one of the best and most beautiful high adventure runs in the country. Spend 3 days and 3 nights at the river, get back to the Ashland area Monday evening and fly back Tuesday (or even late Monday). There are trips every weekend from May 8th – June 5th (some trips are getting very full).

Illinois Rafting Week –  Take advantage of Allegiant Air’s Monday flight schedule by flying into Medford on a Monday. Then spend Tuesday and Wednesday exploring Ashland, checking out plays at the Shakespeare festival, or rafting the Upper Klamath… I could go on, so many options. Then on Thursday morning we pick you up at your hotel and we head to the Illinois River for a 4-day trip down what is considered by some to be the best wilderness rafting trip in the country. After 4-days on the river you get back to your hotel Sunday night, have a great dinner and then fly our relaxed on Monday. Illinois trips are on Thursdays starting April 9th through May 7th. It is a very short season and we can only take 8 to 9 guests per trip.

The Owyhee Rafting Week – The Grand Canyon of Oregon. With the Owyhee you actually want to fly into Boise, Idaho. Luckily there are amazing flight deals there too! Our Lower Owyhee trip was just featured in Travel Oregon Magazine. The Owyhee River is almost unmatched in its remoteness and desert beauty. There are two trips – 4 or 5 days in length. Most trips begin on Fridays and the season is early April to late May.

Summer Ideas:

The Rogue Rafting Week – The Rogue River is one of the world’s great summer wilderness trips and is almost unmatched in its ability to satisfy a wide range of tastes and skill levels. Most of our Rogue trips start on Thursdays. You can take advantage of the Allegiant Air Monday specials and fly in on Monday – then spend Tuesday and Wednesday exploring Ashland, checking out plays at the Shakespeare festival, or rafting the Upper Klamath…etc. Then on Thursday morning we pick you up at your hotel and we head to the Rogue for a 3-day Lodge trip (The lodge system on the Rogue is extremely unique. There are very few places in the world with a system of remote riverside lodges only accessible by boat), or a four day camp trip. Then you are back in Ashland for the night and then flying out on Monday. Our Rogue trips run from mid June through mid September – some dates fill up quickly.

The Upper Klamath Rafting Weekend – An all whitewater weekend… Take advantage of Allegiants Friday/Monday schedule – fly into Medford on Friday and spend the night in Ashland. We pick you up at your hotel on Saturday morning and spend two days on arguably the best summer whitewater on the West Coast. You get back to Ashland on Sunday afternoon and either take an evening flight out or a Monday morning flight. Upper Klamath 2-day trips start in early July and end in Early September. 

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