Jeff Renfrow: Guide – Idaho Salmon Manager


After a short career as a fisheries biologist Jeff has been guiding and running rivers for over 25 years. His boating pursuits have taken him to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and most western U.S. states.

His winter home is the canyons of the Rio Grande along the Texas-Mexico border where he guides multi-day canoe trips and runs the Big Bend Trails Alliance.  The Trails Alliance works with the World Wildlife Fund, the Wilderness Conservation Society and Big Bend National Park to build and maintain trails in the Big Bend area. Jeff is also an avid mountain biker and fly fisherman and he and his wife, Rebecca, live in their off the grid homestead that they have been building for the last 16 years.

Jeff manages our Idaho Salmon trips as well as working on the Owyhee and other spring rivers. His slow Texas drawl (be careful not to interrupt him), his relaxed attitude, his ability to fix almost anything, and his talent of grilling steak while simultaneously cooking the perfect risotto has quickly endeared him to his Oregon and Idaho ‘homes’ away from home.