Pete Wallstrom : Guide / Owner


Pete is originally from Vermont but has spent time living in Colorado, Wyoming, South America, and on the West Coast. He has been a guide for over 20 years and has run rivers all over the United States – including the Upper Tuolumne (Cherry Creek) in California, considered the toughest regularly-run commercial trip in North America – as well as rivers in Nepal, India, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, and Chile.

He is a board member for the Oregon Guides and Outfitters Association, the Save the Wild Rogue Campaign, the Rogue Outfitters Association, and works closely with the Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program as well as with environmental groups that work towards the protection of wild rivers. Besides boating he is an avid back-country skier, boarder, runner, and general outdoor adventurer.

He believes in environmental stewardship through advocacy by experience. That getting a wide variety of people out into wild places and showing the places in a way that they understand and that they appreciate (and that is really fun!) creates advocates that love and will want to protect them.