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Thank You All!

To those who have returned year after year and to those who took their first trip with us this season – Thank you! It was yet another amazing year. Click to see some images from this year.

It is hard to believe but next year we will be heading into our 5th season (we are thinking of having our guides wear monogrammed 5th anniversary leg warmers next year to commemorate the occasion – if any one has other ideas please tell us!). Looking back the seasons have been a blur of water, trips, and great people. As I said last year your personalities, interests, amazing life stories, and choices are shaping Momentum and we are constantly thankful for your company.

As with every year we have been blown away by your emails of thanks, stories of how your trip affected your everyday life, and overall positive feedback. This year we have come up with an idea that combines all your wonderful feedback and a trip discount. If you are interested there is more info in the “News” section below.

Below there is also info on our winter trips to Chile and Costa Rica (are you coming? Check out our Chile video) Our 2008 trip schedule is also up here and we have started taking reservations for next season.

For those who are not joining us down south have a great winter and hopefully we will see you next year!

Thanks again for an incredible season!

Kind Regards ,

Pete and the staff of
Momentum River Expeditions

(What could be better then taking a break from our winter and work and enjoying a week of summer south of the tropics?)

Chile – Patagonia’s Rio Futaleufu:
Join us for our annual 9-day luxury wilderness journey into the heart of Patagonia. This is truly one of the earth’s magical places and a trip of a lifetime (and my personal “favorite river in the world”). The trip includes:
– One of the world’s greatest and most beautiful whitewater rivers
– Luxury wilderness camps set among glacier-capped peaks
– Tons of activities
It’s spectacular!
You can see a video about the trip at: https://www.momentumriverexpeditions.com/chilevideo.htm
If you are interested or have any questions call or email.

Costa Rica Tropical Adventure:
Costa Rica is a beautiful country, one that seems to be on everyone’s mind when it comes to traveling. There are many different trips offered by many companies and they range from wonderful to not very good. We wanted to put a trip together that brought you to places that would be difficult to find on your own, places that are off the beaten path, and most importantly places that show you the best of this tropical paradise.
The trip includes:

  1. Rafting on 3 tropical rivers
  2. Jungle hikes, horseback riding, and canopy tours
  3. Snorkeling with tropical fish and time on deserted beaches
  4. A nighttime hike with the “bug lady”
  5. Nights at 3 different jungle lodges.

There is more info at our Costa Rica travel Page.
Once again if you are interested or have any questions call or email.


– New Trips For 2008: Our 08 rafting schedule includes some new trips – Lodge based early season Cal Salmon trips, and a late spring Clear Creek/Lower Klamath Inflatable kayaking trip! Check out the dates at: https://www.momentumriverexpeditions.com/trip_chart.htm

Get $15 off your next trip: People are using travel review web sites such as yahoo travel more and more to make better informed travel decisions. We would like to see your feedback reach a wider audience so we are offering a $15 discount off your next trip if you post a review or travel blog on one of these sites. The easiest one is probably Yahoo Travel (you can post a Momentum Yahoo review here), but there are a ton of other sites (and blogging counts too!).
Just email us a link to your review, blog, trip report, etc and we will give you a $15 credit.

Carbon Neutral Travel: We are working to make all our trips “Carbon neutral” next year. More info coming soon.

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