Our 2006 Fall Newsletter Is Out

Our newsletter is out and you can check it out here. You can also see some photos from this year here. Below is the text version of the newsletter.

Hello and Thank You!
Thanks to all who joined us this season. We had one of the biggest snow packs in 50 years, a spring season we will not soon forget, and a summer full of great water and weather. Check out a few of the images from this year here.
I want to take a minute to thank you all for not only a great season but for something far more important. One of the things we are proud of here is having extremely experienced and friendly guides that come back year after year. And while we continue to have new faces this is due to us growing, not attrition. Well, it turns out that one of the biggest reasons for this is all of you. You may not realize it, but your personalities, interests, amazing life stories, and choices are shaping Momentum. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I love working here because the guests are so cool”. And this news is spreading, when other guides in the area talk about Momentum a main topic is always the people that seem to find us.
So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides in the business. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path. Beginning and growing Momentum has been full of surprises, but the huge effect of so many good people joining us has been, by far, the best and biggest surprise. Once again thank you all so much!
Below is info on our winter trips to Chile and Costa Rica (are you coming? Fall is here and maybe it is time to think about a winter break and joining us in sunny South America or tropical Central America!). Also below is info on the upcoming “Oregon Field Guide” episode on our Middle Owyhee trip and a way to keep these newsletters out of your “junk” box. For those who are not joining us here this fall (we have trips through September) or are not heading south with us have a wonderful winter and hopefully we will see you next year.

Thanks for an unbelievable year!
Pete and the staff ofMomentum River Expeditions

This Winters International Trips
What could be better then taking a break from our winter and work and enjoying a week of summer south of the tropics?
Chile – Patagonia’s Rio Futaleufu:

Join us for our annual 9-day luxury wilderness journey into the heart of Patagonia. This is truly one of the earth’s magical places and a trip of a lifetime (and my personal “favorite river in the world”).
The trip includes:
– One of the world’s greatest and most beautiful whitewater rivers
– Luxury wilderness camps set among glacier-capped peaks
– Tons of activities
It’s spectacular!
There is more info at our Rafting in Chile Page. If you are interested or have any questions call or email and we can send you a DVD guaranteed to make you want to go!

Costa Rica Tropical Adventure:(Now on our website- Check it out!)
Finally!! After repeated trips, lots of sunburns, and many grueling days on uninhabited tropical beaches we have a Costa Rican itinerary that we are truly excited about. Costa Rica is a beautiful country, one that seems to be on everyone’s mind when it comes to traveling. There are many different trips offered by many companies and they range from wonderful to not very good. We wanted to put a trip together that brought you to places that would be difficult to find on your own, places that are off the beaten path, and most importantly places that show you the best of this tropical paradise.
The trip includes:
Rafting on 3 tropical rivers
Jungle hikes, horseback riding, and canopy tours
Snorkeling with tropical fish and time on deserted beaches
A nighttime hike with the “bug lady”
Nights at 3 different jungle lodges.

There is more info at our Costa Rica Rafting page. Once again if you are interested or have any questions call or email, our first trip is coming up over thanksgiving!


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– One of our Middle Owyhee trips will be featured on the “Oregon Field Guide” -Check out the most remote river in the lower 48 on OPB’s popular “Oregon Field Guide”. They joined us last spring on the Middle Owyhee and as usual the trip did not disappoint. The episode should air sometime in November and you can look at the schedule at www.opb.org/programs/ofg (they announce shows about 2 weeks ahead of time).
– 2007 Rafting Schedule – The 2007 schedule will be out by the end of the week for those who are starting to look at next summer’s vacations.


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