Our Adventure on Oregon’s Middle Owyhee

Four guides, 3 clients, and a crew from Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon Field Guide” made the journey into the far eastern corner of the state for a rare run on the Middle Owyhee. We call it an expedition style trip and it more then lived up to that description! It began with a 36 mile (3.5 hour?) slog over a slick muddy road after which every guide and client were covered in mud from pushing. We finally got on the river around three and, as usual, were blown away by the canyon. We also were treated to high water, a wrap, and the usual 3 hour portage of Widowmaker rapid.
This is one of those truly magical and wild places. You quickly descend into canyons of dark volcanic rock rising straight out of the water; it is right out of a fantasy novel.
The trip will be shown on Oregon Field Guide sometime in September. We will update everyone when the exact date is released. You can also check out the OPB website.