News from Chile and Costa Rica

Hello all. I am sitting here in Puerto Varas, Chile enjoying the sun, my Costa Rican tan, and getting ready to head to the Futaleufu valley for two trips. I was just in Costa Rica for ten days figuring out the details of our new Costa Rica vacation.
Costa Rica is a trip that has been difficult for me to put together . It is a place with so many options, many of them easy to do on your own. However, like any place with a ton of options, there are some not so good ones. What we wanted to do with this vacation was to show you places that are difficult to visit by yourself, that would be difficult to find with out a lot of trial and error, and when put together give you a great taste of the what Costa Rica has to offer and create a truly amazing vacation. We also wanted to avoid, as much as possible, zipping you aroud to too many different places in one relativly short trip. We want to spend enought time in each place to truly enjoy it.

Well, I think we are very close to having the itinereary set and I´m really excited! The trip includes:
Some truly amazing Eco lodges run by a host of interesting, knowledgeable, and friendly people.
Landscapes ranging from deep jungle rivers, to deserted tropical beaches, to remote islands.
And finally activities including rafting (inluding a very remote river that is run in 4 person “mini-me´s”), sea kayaking, snorkeling, horse back riding, a canopy tour, swimming, and of course plenty of time to sit in a hammock with your favorite drink and contemplate the beautiful settings.

We will finish up the details when I get back in March and we should have it up on the web by the end of the month.

P.S. – There is no spell check on this computer so I apoligize for the many spelling errors!