Northern California and Southern Oregon Snow pack Update

Things are looking very good for the 2006 rafting season! Here is how the snow pack looks for each of our rivers:
The California Salmon and Scott: It is hard to get an exact percentage for these two drainages but, judging by the drainages around them, we are guessing the that the snow pack is around 160% of normal! This means great May water and, barring an extended heat wave or drought, the Cal Salmon season should last well past the second week in June.
The Owyhee River: The snowpack is at 118% of normal. This is wonderful, especially considering how the last two years have been. The Owyhee should run and we are excited for our middle and lower trips.
The Klamath River: The Klamath River has a massive drainage and the snow pack is a HUGE 154% of average above the Upper K. With the snow and all this rain it should mean some sweet “2 Gun” days (two generators, more water) this summer on the Upper Klamath.
The Rogue River: The snowpack is at 125% of normal on the Rogue. The Rogue is always at a fun water level, but a little more never hurts!

More Website updates: On a side note we have made a few more web improvements. We have a new Momentum Rafting News page. The page also includes rafting news from other sources in Oregon and California. We have also added a Medford Oregon Rafting page.