The Last Days Of Spring Rafting

We have had an amazing spring rafting season and as always we are sad to see the end in site. We have had some of our best days on the water ever this year on the California Salmon. We caught the water at a perfect level Memorial day and got to run the Nordheimer stretch at near “6 feet” on the gage (BIG fun). It was a trip to remember. We still have another week or two for warm weather trips there so if you have the time check it out.
The good news is of course the weather is getting hotter and we are gearing up for our summer rivers. Our Upper Klamath trips are becoming more frequent and flows from the “bigger” generator have been great. We just also just finished a trip on the Lower Klamath and the canyon looks beautiful, fresh and clean from the high winter water and all the rain. It is going to be great summer.