Southern Oregon and Northern California Snowpack

I just want to give a quick update on the snowpack in our area. As most people know the California snowpack looks great which means our spring rafting on our Northern California rivers should be spectacular.
The northern Oregon and Washington snowpack is not looking so hot. We are kind of in the middle here in Southern Oregon. While the overall snowpack here is below average it should not have an effect on our Rogue and Upper Klamath rafting trips. This is because both of these rivers are reservoir fed dam release stretches and there is plenty of water stored for a great season. In fact the Upper Klamath should have higher peaking flows then last year because the larger of the two turbines that feed water back into the river will be in operation.
So, overall it looks like we will have a perfect spring season in Northern California and another season of the most exciting summer whitewater in the west on the Upper K!