Mt Shasta

Go where you will within a radius of from fifty to a hundred miles, there stands the colossal cone of Shasta, clad in perpetual snow, the one grand landmark that never sets. – John Muir


Mt Shasta is the 2nd highest volcano in the United States and a major peak in the Cascade Range of the western US. Undisturbed by development, Mt Shasta is surrounded by natural beauty and offers a full menu of options for every kind of adventurer:

Spectacular skiing and snowboarding on the mountain itself

Fishing in nearby McCloud River or Shasta River

Golfing at Mount Shasta Resort

Mountain biking along miles of trails, from beginner to advanced, in the Cascade Mountain range

And of course mountaineering the summit during summer months

If you plan to venture onto the mountain be sure to stop at a local crystal shop in the city of Mt Shasta so you’ll be prepared should you happen to encounter any Lemurians.