Rogue River Trail Running Testimonials

  • "Fantastic trip!!! we had a group of 7 from Washington to do the 3 day trail run. the trail guides were very knowledgeable about the history of the trail and all the sights. camp was always set up and snacks set out when we arrived from our run. dinner and breakfast were outstanding with plenty of food to go around. i would highly recommend this trip and company. we are going to book the same trip again next year."
  • "This is a review of the running trip along the rogue river trail. The camp support was wonderful, tents and pads were all set up and comfy. The food was fantastic.A big thanks to Orea, Anthony, Jace, Ghelfi, and Jenn. We had plenty of support while running, and we had so much fun with our fellow runners and guides once we got to camp. I would recommend Momentum Running Trips to anyone interested in some fun and beautiful scenery (with great guides). An extra excellent for the food!"